Tooth Extraction

Easy Tooth Extraction Services for Owensboro Family Dentist PatientsOne of the most common dental procedures is a tooth extraction, which is tooth removal, or having teeth pulled. We perform most standard tooth extraction procedures here in our office in Owensboro, so you don’t have to visit an unfamiliar doctor. Rare, complex cases, such as impacted wisdom teeth may be referred to a specialist for tooth extraction or tooth removal. Rest assured we only work with the finest professionals, who meet our elevated standards of quality and customer service for tooth removal.

Due to advances in modern dentistry and dental technology, more people are keeping their teeth strong and healthy for life. However, there are still several reasons a tooth extraction or having teeth pulled may become necessary:

  • Advanced gum disease | In the earliest stage (gingivitis) gum disease is curable, with no lasting damage. Without treatment, it erodes gum and bone tissue, loosening the teeth. If too much of the supporting structure has been destroyed, the affected teeth cannot be saved and tooth removal is required.
  • Severe decay or injury | We offer a number of restorative dentistry procedures for patients in the Philpot region, ranging from bonding to full crowns. Depending on the extent of the damage, there may not be enough tooth structure to save and you may need tooth removal. Some patients choose tooth extraction over restoration, although it is not a “quick fix” because teeth pulled means you must have teeth replaced.
  • Crowded teeth | Sometimes, there simply is not enough room for all of the teeth. Orthodontists may recommend having teeth pulled to relieve the crowding and allow the other teeth to be straightened. This is the most common reasons for having teeth pulled in children.
  • Impacted teeth | If there is not enough room for a tooth to fully erupt, it may grow sideways or at an angle, often below the gumline. This can cause pain, infection, or damage to a neighboring tooth and you may need teeth pulled.
  • Dentures | Partial dentures can selectively replace teeth, but full dentures require teeth pulled if they are existing. With sedation, we can perform a tooth extraction or several in one appointment.

Followup After a Tooth Extraction

Tooth Removal is Convenient in Philpot with Family DentistryReplacing the tooth or teeth is a vitally important step. Missing teeth can cause difficulties eating and speaking, as well as ruining the appearance of your smile. Over time, any existing teeth will shift towards the gap, and the bone will begin deteriorating in that area.

We offer a number of options after tooth extraction at our Philpot office, including full or partial dentures, fixed bridges, and dental implants. Your doctor will help you make the best tooth removal choice for your health, convenience, and budget. For gentle, quality dental care when having teeth pulled, call and schedule an appointment today with our office in Owensboro serving the Philpot and surrounding areas.