Sleep Apnea & Snoring

Beat the Snoring with Sleep Apnea Treatment in Owensboro and PhilpotAre you struggling to stay awake during the day, even though you went to bed on time? Are you finding that you are more irritable than usual? Are you exhausted when you wake up, even though you should have gotten a good night’s rest? Is your sleep partner complaining about your snoring? If so, it could be that you have sleep apnea or one of the many sleep disorders among our patients in the Owensboro, Whitesville, and Philpot areas.

Snoring, Sleep Apnea and Sleep Disorders

Sleep apnea is one of the serious sleep disorders that can cause a myriad of problems. Sleep apnea sleep disorders is when the airflow is obstructed in your throat sometimes resulting in snoring.  You “wake up” many times during the night, but not enough to really awaken. You only wake up for a few seconds, but enough so you can never get deep sleep. Without that deep sleep, even though you may have been in bed by 10 PM, you haven’t gotten a good night’s sleep. You may not even know that you have sleep apnea, but your sleep partner knows because sleep apnea causes a lot of snoring!

A brief animation depicting the use of a dental device to decrease snoring and the negative side effects associated with it—like sleep apnea.

The traditional sleep disorders treatment for sleep apnea is a CPap machine. But there is another sleep disorders treatment that is very effective that you may want to consider. It is a mouthguard offered by Dr. David Thompson and Dr. Frey. This custom-made mouthguard positions your jaw so your airwaves open and you can sleep without snoring.

The advantages of a customized sleep apnea mouthguard for sleep disorders:

  • CPap machines require electricity. If you are traveling out of town or are going somewhere that doesn’t have electricity, you can’t use your CPap.
  • Custom mouthguards for sleep disorders are small, easy to pack, and are not bulky like CPap machines.
  • Custom mouthguards are especially effective if you sleep on your back.
  • Cpaps have lots of moving parts that can break. A sleep apnea mouthguard isn’t mechanical and has little chance of breaking, or breaking down!

If you and your sleep partner are ready to improve your dental health and get a good night’s sleep, call today! We at Thompson and Frey are eager to help solve patients’ snoring and sleep apnea and work with people all over the Owensboro area, including Philpot and Whitesville!