Patient Comforts

Many people describe going to the dentist in very unhappy terms. Dr. Wes Booker, Dr. David Thompson, Dr. Vicki Frey, and Dr. Katie Higdon serving the Owensboro and Philpot area, want you to look forward to your visits with us. That’s why we offer some amazing patient amenities to make sure your patient comfort is at an all-time high!

We offer some awesome patient amenities and patient comforts in Owensboro including:

  • Headphones | Tune into music and relax!
  • Memory Foam Pads in the Chairs | When you settle into our dental chairs, you may think you’re in your easy chair at home. Our chairs with memory foam pads are planned with our patient comforts in mind. Snuggle in and relax.
  • Blankets | To encourage our patients to feel relaxed, one of our patient comforts offered is blankets. It’s amazing how relaxed you feel when covered with a soft, warm blanket.
  • Kid’s Playroom | Our recently renovated office now includes a special place just for the little ones. They can sit, relax, or play in the Kid’s Playroom while waiting for their appointments, or waiting for their parents to complete treatment. One of the best patient amenities we can offer is the patient comfort that comes when you know your children are safe and having fun. You can relax and they can have a blast.
  • Less Pain | Our patients at our office near Philpot say they are so relaxed in our office they barely feel injections! Patient comfort is essential to us, so this is the kind of feedback we love to hear.
  • Dental Sedation | One thing we don’t want you to feel in our office is anxiety. So dental sedation is one of the dental services we offer that can also be considered one of our patient amenities. Dental sedation can help you feel completely relaxed and comfortable during your visits here. And when you’re relaxed, we can often do more than one procedure in one visit. One of the best patient amenities we can offer is less time at the dentist and more time for your busy life!
  • Our Amazing Team | One of the finest patient amenities we offer is our amazing dental team. Every team member in our office has patient comforts and your healthy, beautiful smile as their priorities. We think our friendly, well-trained team can’t be beat. We think you will believe this, too.

We are committed to providing the highest level of care available, in a comfortable, family-friendly environment. Call Dental Designs of Owensboro today!