Just Chill! Sedation Dentistry in Owensboro

Owensboro sedation dentistry

As many as one of every five Americans worry about going to the dentist. It ranges from anxiety to outright fear. Because of this unchanging fact, sedation dentistry in Owensboro and nationwide has become very sophisticated. There are three main types of sedation dentistry available, which allow patients to maintain good oral health in spite […]

Sedation Dentistry In Owensboro

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Sedation Dentistry in Owensboro

Picture the following scenario: You are stretched out in a chair at the dentist office, holding a remote as you try to tune into your favorite radio station. A dental assistant clips a paper bib around your neck. Someone switches on a bright overhead light and you see latex-gloved hands moving toward your open mouth. […]

Owensboro, KY dentists explain, what is sedation dentistry?

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The sights, sounds, and smells of a dental office can be overwhelming for some. Patients young and old can experience anxieties around visiting the dentist, and in many instances, this can keep them from receiving the treatments they need to maintain a beautiful, healthy smile. Drs. Thompson and Frey of Thompson and Frey Cosmetic and […]

Owensboro, KY dentist explain oral conscious sedation

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Patients who are extremely anxious about visiting the dentist often avoid much needed dental treatments. Maintaining a healthy smile requires patients to take good care of their teeth with proper oral hygiene, while also maintaining regular visits to their dental team. Most patients benefit from at least two visits to Thompson and Frey Cosmetic and […]