Three Reasons Not to Skip a Dental Checkup

Life gets busy. Sometimes it seems impossible to keep up with everything you need to do. At Thompson & Fry Cosmetic & Family Dentistry in Owensboro, we understand that. It gets busy for us, too! But don’t take your dental health for granted: think twice before you cancel or postpone a dental checkup because you […]

What Does Your Owensboro Dentist Need To Know?

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For optimal dental health, everyone should be visiting their dentist twice a year for regular cleanings and exams. This is a good time to make sure that you are brushing and flossing properly. It is also vital that you discuss issues related to dental health. Make sure to tell your dentist about any medications that […]

Swollen Gums?

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If Your Gums Are Swollen And Sore, Call Thompson & Frey Cosmetic & Family Dentistry

If you are experiencing inflamed gums or an aching tooth, you’re are not alone. About one third of U.S. adults are affected by tooth decay, according to the CDC, and gum disease plagues one in seven people age 35 to 40.1 Don’t ignore these symptoms, call Thompson & Frey Cosmetic & Family Dentistry today at […]

Eruption Charts: Not As Scary As They Sound

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Thanks for visiting the Owensboro dental blog. Today we’re talking about eruption charts and what they are used for. First, an eruption chart is simply a listing of the different types of teeth in the mouth and when, on average, they come out, or ‘erupt’, from the gums. A primary teeth eruption chart will also […]