Saving Teeth

Root Canals in Owensboro

When the nerve inside a tooth is infected by bacteria, we try to save it with root canal therapy. This procedure scares a lot of people. But at Thompson & Frey Cosmetic and Family Dentistry in Owensboro, we want you to know that root canals are not nearly as bad as their reputation. In fact, […]

Is It Growing In Your Mouth?

Owensboro Invisalign

Plaque is that filmy stuff that forms on teeth. Since it is caused by the breakdown of the foods we eat, plaque formation is a constant process. And that’s why we keep reminding our patients to brush and floss twice a day, at Thompson & Frey Cosmetic & Family Dentistry in Owensboro. The plaque process […]

Beware Of Hidden Sugar

preventative dentistry in Tell City, IN

Most of us consume far too much sugar. That isn’t exactly a news flash, but at Thompson & Frey Cosmetic & Family Dentistry in Owensboro we want to remind you what sugar does to teeth, and what you can do about it. We get cavities when acids in the mouth attack the enamel and dentin […]

Bad Breath Q & A

Owensboro bad breath exam

In this blog post from Thompson & Frey Cosmetic & Family Dentistry in Owensboro, we have some answers to frequent questions about bad breath. Q. My wife says my breath is repulsive, but I brush twice a day. Shouldn’t that be enough? A. Bacteria can propagate and stink in hidden crevices that can only be […]

Do You Eat A Tooth-Healthy Diet?

Healthy Teeth and Your Owensboro Diet

Maintaining healthy teeth is an important concern to us at Thompson & Frey Cosmetic & Family Dentistry in Owensboro. We want all of our patients to enjoy healthy teeth and gums. Keeping your teeth healthy requires thorough brushing and flossing, every single day. Regular cleanings and checkups are also necessary for preventing cavities and maintaining […]